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Cluster in Brief

“OASME Council for Engineering and Technology”, ( ACURATE ) has been incorporated as a private limited company registered under section 8 of the company’s act in 2019. The SPV This cluster is under the aegis of OASME industry association. The cluster contains 88 members where as 30 entrepreneurs are the permanent members of the SPV having equal shares.

the engineering industry is an age-old industry having a strong footing in Odisha. The industry is witnessing the presence of Large, medium, small and micro industries. The last one is a dependent sector, which has a lion’s share in numbers. Everything from Furniture, Steel fabrication, Agriculture equipment, Electrical item, Cable, Conductor, Transformer, Mechanical Hydraulic equipment, Irrigation based equipment etc. are manufactured in Odisha.

Global Steel and Aluminum players like Tata, Jindal, NALCO, Aditya Birla Group, Vedanta, IMFA, RSP, HAL, IOCL etc. They are controlling the entire industrial movements in Odisha. Apart from Steel &Aluminum sector, there are other engineering sectors like machine tool components, dies making, metal casting, Agricultural equipment, structural fabrication, Electrical Transformer etc.

Manufacturing, structural fabrication and casting & forging industrial sectors in Cuttack, Jagatpur, Rourkela. Due to the presence of such industrial base these Industrial Estates are called “Engineering Hub of Odisha”.


  • Enhancing the production level by 50% within 3 years
  • Increasing the productivity by 30%
  • Embarking upon composite Engineering products
  • Upgrading 25% of the job work based micro enterprises to full-fledged enterprises in the next 3 years
  • Exploring new export markets within 3 years
  • Exporting 25% of the production within 3 years
  • Attempting to attract employment for 10 K people after CFC being established, (Directly & indirectly)

Providing a platform to the MSMEs to facilitate their interface with potential global partners and buyers To access the relative exploitative nature of the sub-sectors– micro engineering enterprises To identify the critical gaps To undertake a benchmark study to seal the weak linkages To take effective corrective measures to strengthen the underperforming micro enterprises To select appropriate tools for effective soft and hard Interventions for all-round growth. To examine the present manufacturing practices and technologies relevant and Vital to enhance capabilities and competitiveness of the core units To suggest measures for improving the working conditions of the micro Enterprises


Transforming the Odisha based engineering cluster into a fast emerging outsourcing destination for design and manufacture of Engineering products, machinery, equipment and Agricultural equipment by 2025 by infusing technology, quality standards and cultural changes among the micro & small enterprises to impel them from the state level to a world class manufacturing hub.